Since 2019 FIMI’s X8 series has been constantly updated. In 2023, the Pro edition has finally evolved to be a fierce competitor of the DJI Air series. The new FIMI X8 Pro comes with an advanced 3D obstacle avoidance system, a 15KM range, and up to 47 minutes of flight time with the Plus battery.

In terms of design, the X8 Pro (FMWRJ03AP cod name) looks almost exactly like all its predecessors. With folded arms, it measures 204x106x72.6mm and weighs 780 grams with a standard battery or 830 grand with the Plus battery, ensuring extended flight time. On the belly, there is an extension port that allows being equipped with a megaphone or a release and drop mechanism that is handy a search and rescue operations. The accepted payload is around 350 grams.


It features a 1/1.3-inch 48MP image sensor, with the camera providing an 85-degree field of view or a full-frame equivalent focal length of 24mm. It has a fixed f/1.7…