In a recent video, Ken Dono, better known as Original Dobo, addressed the growing concerns surrounding Autel Robotics, despite their strong start at CES 2023 with the award-winning Evo Max 4T. Ken, a long-time supporter of Autel, outlined three red flags that have emerged in 2023, signaling potential issues for the company.

Ken explains the three problems Autel is facing

Autel’s customer support or lack thereof

First, Ken discussed the departure of Ken Booth, head of customer support at Autel, who cited differences with upper management and unfulfilled promises. Booth’s exit highlights the company’s struggle to meet customer expectations due to unfulfilled software updates and broken promises.

I’m sorry to announce that as of March 15, I will no longer be a contact for Autel Robotics. I’ve tried very hard to be the interface between the customer and Autel Robotics. Unfortunately, that has failed on many…