Elistair tethered drone for tactical communicationsElistair Announces Orion HL Tethered Drone for Tactical Communications

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Tethered drone system manufacturer Elistair has announced the launch of its Orion Heavy Lift (HL) in order to meet an increasing demand for variable height antennas from military, public safety and homeland security customers.

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As the fluctuating needs of ground operators cause tactical communications to advance, tethered drones grant major benefits in instances where flexibility and mobility are essential. With highly effective ground units requiring improved mobility, tethered drones allow for the establishment and extension of secured mobile networks due to their rapid deployment and long lasting flight times.

Elistair tethered drone tactical communicationsThe Orion HL builds on the original Orion platform employed by military forces and security forces in more than 30 countries for ISR missions, and retains its level of automation, ruggedization and safety…


Source: dronelife.com