Japan Post, the country’s postal service, is one step closer to making letter Delivery by Drone a reality.

The postal service partnered with local drone manufacturer ACSL in December 2022 to develop a drone with level four autonomy and a payload capacity of up to 11 pounds. ACSL has now received an airworthiness certificate for the drone, allowing for out-of-sight flights in inhabited areas.

The drone’s ability to carry actual letters has been reported by Japanese media, as Japan Post seeks to address the challenges of worker shortages and the time required to deliver to remote mountainous locations.

Partnership resulted in an advanced drone

The postal service’s collaboration with ACSL has resulted in the development of an advanced drone capable of navigating complex terrain and autonomously delivering payloads. The drone’s certification for out-of-sight flights in inhabited areas is a significant step forward, and test flights are set to take place later this…


Source: dronexl.co