Emax CineHawk

Digital cinewhoop drones like the Emax CineHawk are small, agile quadcopters designed to capture cinematic footage in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. The newest models are typically equipped with DJI O3 Air Unit high-definition FPV system that can record 4K high-quality videos in real time.

For years EMAX engineers have spent time perfecting FPV flying platforms for performance and utility, with all those experiences culminating in the new Cinehawk 3.5″, their first cinema-dedicated FPV quadcopter.


The skeleton-style carbon-fiber drone frame draws heavy influence from professional acrobatic drones, allowing serviceability and modularity to be key aspects in keeping the Cinehawk futureproofed and repairable. Equipped with high-performance brushless 2004 (3200KV) motors, maximum thrust is achieved, allowing the Cinehawk to carry additional payloads such as Action Cameras, larger batteries, and more, while still retaining…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com