A man in the state of Oregon who became lost on a snow-covered road in the middle of nowhere was able to summon assistance by using his DJI drone to transmit a signal of distress.

The motorist was stranded in the snow on a road in Willamette National Forest with no cellphone service and no reception. After realizing that no one knew where he was and that his family was out of the country, he fastened his phone to a DJI drone, flew it to a height at which it could connect to a network, and then sent a message to a friend informing him of his precise location.

Following the friend’s call to the authorities, rescue crews were able to find the individual in need of assistance and bring him back to safety.

During the Search and Rescue operation, the crew located another driver who had been stuck in the snow for several days.

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The Lane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team, who came to the man’s aid after receiving his call for…


Source: dronexl.co