Join Greg & Haye in talking with Blake Resnick the founder of BRINC drones. They discuss how the LEMUR 2 came about, challenges for BRINC going forward, and how Blake ended up starting BRINC Drones. The PiXL Drone Show is a partnership between Pilot Institute (PI) and DroneXL (XL).

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:03 How did the first generation LEMUR lead to the second generation?
  • 07:33 LEMUR 2 Specs
  • 18:37 Mesh Network
  • 24:13 Use Cases
  • 26:44 Managing as a CEO
  • 32:24 1st Case Use
  • 39:27 Drones in Turkey

Lemur 2 from Brinc Drones – PIXL Drone Show Transcription

Hi everyone, I’m Greg from Pilot Institute we train drone pilots all over the country. Hi my name is Haye from DroneXL where we cover all the drone news on our website. Welcome to the latest episode of the PIXL Drone Show our weekly podcast where we talk to industry professionals about what they do in the uas space. From…