Worcestershire County Council in the United Kingdom has launched a trial of drones equipped with cameras to inspect the integrity of the county’s 1,500 bridges.

The uncrewed aircraft are flown by a certified pilot while an inspector examines the drone images. The trial aims to increase efficiency in maintaining the bridges, reducing the number of closures, and minimizing inconveniences for residents and businesses.

Councillor Mike Rouse explained that using drones could help get the maximum value from the council’s budget.

According to the council, it is still too early to tell whether using drones for bridge inspections will lead to cost savings. However, if successful, the drones could revolutionize the way bridge inspections are conducted, making the process safer and more efficient.

Bridge inspections with DJI M300 drones

Worcestershire Council'S High-Flying Solution: Drones Inspect County Bridges

The trial is being conducted to ensure that the collected information meets the UK’s requirements for bridge inspections. The use…


Source: dronexl.co