DJI, the world’s largest camera drone manufacturer, quietly ceased production of its drone detection and monitoring system, DJI Aeroscope.

A message on the official DJI website reads, “The Aeroscope is no longer in production. For the latest in DJI technology, please view our product recommendations below.”

Drone Detection System, Dji Aeroscope Is No Longer In Production

DJI Aeroscope no longer produced

DJI AeroScope was first introduced in 2017 in Washington, DC. It was developed to quickly identify drone communication links and gather real-time flight data, such as flight status and paths.

The drone detection system was made available in both fixed and mobile versions, and it was utilized by governmental organizations as well as private businesses to prevent unauthorized drones from entering sensitive areas. These areas include airports, nuclear power plants, and other government infrastructure.

By continuously monitoring and analyzing electronic signals, the system is able to detect the vast majority of common…