One-click drone reality capture platform SkyeBrowse has launched a new AI-powered tool that can identify unknown objects or people in any drone’s flight path.

SkyeBrowse’s new tool Midnight Sun is designed to provide actionable intelligence during fast-developing tactical situations such as monitoring large-scale events, flying over a disaster scene, searching for a missing person, or tracking a criminal suspect.

Building on SkyeBrowse’s proprietary technology, which uses videogrammetry to create 3D models from DJI or Autel drone videos, the AI tool is trained to detect unknown personnel, vehicles, missile damage, and other objects of interest within a drone video. The tool works best when used in tandem with the recently announced public safety app TacBrowse, which can track tactical team members within a 3D model in real time when they sign into a mission on the app.

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Midnight Sun’s…