A drone struck well-known singer Benny Dayal on Friday during a live performance in Chennai, India, and he sustained minor injuries as a result. Later, he shared an update on his Instagram account.

The drone struck the back of Benny Dayal’s head as he was performing at a Vellore Institute of Technology cultural festival. Before the management entered the stage to investigate what had happened to him, he immediately dropped to his knees while holding his head with both hands.

Drone hits singer Benny Dayal in head

The singer posted a message on Instagram to inform his followers that he is fine, with the exception of bruising on the back of his head from being struck and severe injuries on two of his fingers.

โ€˜I think I am going to recover from this much faster. Thanks for all the love and prayers.โ€™ he said.

Looking at the video footage, the drone can be seen flying in a circular motion, very closely…


Source: dronexl.co