On Monday, the House Special Committee on Homeland Security in Jefferson City unanimously passed several combined pieces of legislation designed to limit the use of drones by both private citizens and law enforcement.

The new bill, created from House Bills 178, 179, and 401, aims to limit the use of drones below 400 feet over private property.

There will be some exceptions, like for the army, for universities doing research, for professional surveillance projects, and so on.

Law enforcement agencies would also be prohibited from gathering information using drones without obtaining a warrant unless in emergency situations such as hostage crises or fires.

The new legislation is a response to several concerns raised during a public hearing in January, including those of farm owners who sought to limit the ability of drones to fly over their property and lobbyists for the agriculture industry.

Gene and Tamara Chastain, farm owners, reportedly testified that hunters…


Source: dronexl.co