A man from Montreal found a large package containing cannabis, cell phones, and other contraband hanging from his clothesline, which he believed fell from a drone.

“Personally, I would have preferred to win an amount with Loto-Québec!” said the man who found the Contraband.

The merchandise, valued at approximately $45,000, was meant to be delivered to the Bordeaux jail.

The package included nearly a kilogram of cannabis, hashish, tobacco, a homemade knife, and miniature cell phones with SIM cards providing access to the LTE network.

The serpentine shape of the package allows inmates to slide the contents between very narrow prison bars.

According to Mathieu Lavoie, the president of the union of peace officers in Quebec’s correctional services, “considering that cannabis alone sells for five times more inside walls than on the street, a package worth more than $45,000 was lost by organized crime.”

Michel, who found the package, immediately called…


Source: dronexl.co