Hey friends, we have a really important announcement, and we also need your help in a really big way to avoid Remote ID. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes with congressional staffers for the Aviation Subcommittee for the FAA Reauthorization that’s going on in 2023.

Avoid Remote ID by raising the weight limit

The reason we need your help and the timing of this is so critical is because both the Flite Test Community Association and the FPV Freedom Coalition have been working hard to raise the limit of regulations from around 250 grams all the way up to one kilogram.

What that means is basically if we can get this through to Congress, we’ll be able to fly planes up to one kilogram without any requirements for registration, or more importantly, Remote ID.

This is a huge topic with a lot of benefits if we can do this right. Dave Messina and I are going to be unpacking this for you right…


Source: dronexl.co