Globhe carbon offset monitoring

Image of an Yves St. Laurent (YSL) carbon offset project in Morocco, shown on

GLOBHE is the impact tech company behind the crowd-droning concept and the largest album of drone-collected images in the world.  With a network of local drone operators in more than 140 countries, GLOBHE enables stakeholders from anywhere to monitor and understand places and projects around the world.

For nature-based carbon offset projects, that monitoring offers tremendous value. Companies can not only see – and demonstrate to stakeholders – that their programs have been executed, with drone-based Lidar they can also more accurately calculate the actual impact of the project.

Yambot Aguilera is GLOBHE’s lead for Sales Development and Client Delivery  responsible for forestry and environmental projects.  He’s passionate about the positive environmental impact that carbon offset projects can have, and the benefits of high resolution monitoring.