BRINC in Turkey

image courtesy BRINC, used with permission

US Drone Manufacturer BRINC Drones Sends Drones and Pilots to Turkey

BRINC Chief of Staff Andrew Coté had arrived from Turkey only hours earlier when we met at the BRINC facility in Seattle, but the former Marine brought the same calm efficiency to our interview as he had in the previous days amid the post-earthquake devastation he found in the Hatay Province, as he and Chief Pilot Chase Bailey spent four days flying during all available daylight hours to search for survivors and remains.

BRINC Global Rescue Network

BRINC’s SWAT drones were created in the aftermath of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting – and the company has been committed to responding to emergencies ever since.  The BRINC Global Rescue Network, the philanthropic arm of the organization, has been donated drones and services around the world.  When the news of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria hit, CEO Blake Resnick and Coté immediately decided the…