Bluetti EB3A review

When camping, road-tripping, or having outdoor activities that involve charging various gear, such as smartphones, cameras, and drones, a small portable solar generator like the Bluetti EB3A is a more convenient solution than a heavy home-backup power station or gas generator. It is quiet, emission-free, and requires no fuel, making it environmentally friendly.

If you are in areas with short blackouts, the Bluetti EB3A could also be a great option to keep your critical devices, such as a CPAP machine, up and running. With a max output of 600W and a 268Wh storage capacity, the EB3A can power through the various types of outputs (AC 220V\120V\110V, USB Type C, 2x USB, and DC 12V) most of your high-tech equipment.


In a nutshell, a portable power station is a pack of batteries in a protective case with an integrated charging circuit and DC to AC inverter. This, combined with various types of DC outs, ensures you can connect all kinds of appliances and…