All right. This week in drone news, we have three stories for you. The recreational LAANC is finally enabled for night flights. That’s a big deal. Freefly Systems is grounding a bunch of their aircraft, and then Spright gets nationwide BVLOS. Let’s get to it.

LAANC for recreational flyers

Your first story this week is good news. Especially if you’re a recreational flyer, you can now fly at night in controlled airspace.

And yes, some of you might be looking at me and be like, oh, I didn’t know I couldn’t do that. You actually couldn’t go into the system and request LAANC request at night. Now you can. The FAA announced this week that LAANC now supports near real-time authorization for recreational pilots, or recreational flyers, I should say, in controlled airspace.

Recreational flyers must still follow all the guidelines of CBOs when it comes to night flying. So make sure you have your…