A bill that could allow Oregon cities and counties to limit the use of drones in parks is scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday in Salem.

Current Oregon law does not allow local governments to regulate drones, but Senate Bill 812 would allow them to ban the takeoff and landing of unmanned aircraft in parks.

The bill has some drone enthusiasts worried that the concerns over irresponsible drone use would lead to a complete ban on drones in city and county parks. However, some believe that regulation is necessary and that unmanned aircraft should not be flown low over people or used to take intrusive photos.

Joe Miller, who flies radio-controlled planes with a club in Dallas, Oregon, believes that some regulation is needed, but he doesn’t want to see a blanket ban on drones in city and county parks.

He suggests that safe, designated spots away from people should be allowed for flying unmanned aircraft. Miller’s club, called the Dallas Wingdingers, has a…


Source: dronexl.co