The Nebraska State Patrol is using Drone Technology to speed up the investigation of cases. According to NSP spokesman Cody Thomas, the drone program is approximately two years old.

The NSP is using Autel Robotics’ small unmanned aircraft systems (drones) to aid them in their duties. NSP’s drone fleet includes both standard and thermal drones.

Thermal drone technology

The thermal drones assist patrolmen with nighttime Search and Rescue operations, while the standard drones are used for daytime searches, rescues, and crash scenes. The drones record their altitude, flight speed, and the overall number of photos taken during each mission.

The thermal models have larger cameras, which can convert infrared radiation into visible images and find people in the dark or hot spots in wildfires.

A standard drone was recently used by Trooper Martinez to investigate a small plane crash that occurred on January 7. By remotely piloting the drone, Trooper Martinez was able to…