After an investigation revealed that an in-flight software failure had led to an Astro commercial drone crashing, UAS manufacturer Freefly is urging all operators to ground their fleet until they have updated the aircraft firmware to v1.1.18.

On February 7, 2023, a Freefly user flying an Astro drone on firmware v1.1.14 faced an in-flight software failure that resulted in a crash. Following this, Freefly issued a notice urging all Astro operators to ground their aircraft with immediate effect as a precaution.

Now, after conducting a detailed investigation, the drone manufacturer has concluded that the root cause of the crash is an electrical hardware failure (onboard SD card system), which exposed software bugs that eventually caused the Astro flight controller to lock up in flight and lose control of the aircraft.

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It was found that a failure in the onboard SD card system was leading to…