Ameriflight Sabrewing

Sabrewing Rhaegal

Ameriflight Signs Intent to Purchase Agreement with Sabrewing Air Cargo Drone Fleet

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Ameriflight has announced a signed letter of intent to purchase 35 of Sabrewing Aircraft Company’s VTOL air cargo drones. The agreement is for the Rhaegal-A aircraft, or “Alpha”, the market-leading cargo UAV with the highest fuel and maintenance efficiency.

The purchase agreement will allow for Ameriflight’s entry into new business opportunities in distribution center logistics. The aircraft’s VTOL capabilities to carry more than a ton of cargo will assist Ameriflight customers in developing a faster and more efficient warehouse distribution network. This will be a complementary service for Ameriflight, and will not replace their current operations.

“In looking to the future, adding this advanced aircraft to our portfolio will complement our fleet and increase our assortment of assets, allowing us to expand our…