HevenDrones is pursuing its efforts to produce longer-lasting, sustainable alternatives to lithium battery-powered UAV flights with today’s introduction of its first hydrogen-fueled H2D55 drone.

Tel Aviv-based HevenDrones unveiled the H2D55 as the first of three drones using hydrogen technology that it plans to release over the course of 2023. The initial UAV uses the deeper power reserves of hydrogen compared to lithium batteries to enable flights of up to 100 minutes while transporting maximum payloads of 7 kilos. The company says the models it’s preparing for release over the next nine months will increase both air time and hauling capacities.

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HevenDrones says that in addition to the hydrogen tech of the H2D55 offering users more power, the longer life of those cells over lithium batteries will also lower costs of deploying the drone. 

For starters, less frequent swapping of…


Source: dronedj.com