commercial hydrogen droneHevenDrones Launches First Hydrogen-Powered Commercial Drone

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, HevenDrones launched the H2D55, the company’s first hydrogen-powered drone for commercial use.

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Boasting 5-times greater energy efficiency than that of a traditional lithium battery-powered drone, the lightweight H2D55 can fly for 100 minutes with a payload capacity of 7kg. The H2D55 will be unveiled at IDEX later this month.

The H2D55 is the first in a planned lineup of 3 Hydrogen fueled drones made to address lithium battery-powered drones’ flight endurance and payload capacity limitations, in addition to the long term environmental impact of lithium mining. Without needing to regularly replace batteries, hydrogen fuel cells will also lower long term ownership costs. The forthcoming models in the product line will be released over the next 9 months, and will improve upon the H2D55’s payload capacity while maintaining…