Anker 767

Surely after we received the Anker 757 review unit, the company announced a much more versatile power station named PowerHouse 767. This new device doubles its predecessor’s output power and has some new cool features, such as remote Smart Control with the Anker app.

The Anker 767 packs a capacity of 2048Wh LFP batteries and weighs 67 lbs (30.52kg). It adopts a suitcase-like design with wheels and a handler for easy manipulation. Its capacity can be extended up to 4096Wh using the Anker Expansion Battery pack. Anker states that it charges from 0-80% in 1.4 hours and 0-100% in 2.5 hours. It has 1000W solar input for free charging. Furthermore, it has an amber LED light bar with four different brightness settings, including flashing SOS mode.


On the front panel, besides the large screen, there are twelve outputs: 4x AC, 1x TT-30, 2x car cigarette sockets, 3x USB-C, and  2x USB.

Anker says the PowerHouse 767 can recharge…