To be fair, this is a video that I wasn’t really sure I was going to make on my channel because I’ve been flying the xDynamics Evolve 2 cinema drone since March last year. I’ve been experimenting with it, trying it out in different conditions, in a variety of different scenarios. And it’s been a little rough, and I’ve been closely talking to xDynamics about it because I wanted to help them as much as possible to make this drone better and improve it in some real-life scenarios where I see some weaknesses.

xDynamics Evolve 2 cinema drone crashed

It’s actually my second drone because the first one crashed into the ground while I was doing a low-flying shot in sport mode. The drone suddenly dipped and just hit the ground, and it was completely in pieces. They were kind enough to send me another one so I can keep flying it and check it out more in-depth.

Xdynamics Evolve 2 Cinema Drone - Is It Worth $3,699?

Because this is a very promising drone, at least…