BetaFPV’s TWIG XL FPV drone was first announced in 2020 and now comes with some cool upgrades that include a V5 F411 flight controller and 400mW VTX. According to your existing radio controller, you can opt for ELRS 2.4G, FrSky FCC/LBT, and TBS Crossfire receiver options.

Toothpick-style FPV drones are specifically designed for racing and freestyle flying. They get the name from its small size and toothpick-like appearance. Toothpick quadcopters typically measure between 80 and 120mm diagonally, making them much smaller than traditional FPV drones. This compact design allows them to fly faster, perform more advanced maneuvers, and maneuver through tight spaces with ease. The small size comes with low weight, which is very important, as drones under 250g do not require registration in most countries.


Designed by Racer X FPV, TWIG XL frames are premium 3mm thick, high-grade T700 carbon cut along the weave and chamfered…