Check out this project in which Topodrone used a DJI M300 drone to perform a LiDAR and bathymetric survey of a 109-acre lake and surrounding area in Switzerland.

The Swiss lake Lac de Bret was mapped using a DJI Matrice 300 drone and an Aquamapper LIDAR sensor. The process consisted of five flights and took approximately three hours to complete while traveling at a speed of almost eight miles per hour.

Maxim Baklykov described the Aquamapper as an echosounder that was synchronized with a high performance GNSS-based inertial navigation system.

“Thanks to the specially designed streamlined shape  AQUAMAPPER is able to glide in the water with up 12 km/h speed which is comparable with a large boat,” Baklykov explains. “What you need is just connect the equipment to DJI M300 and the drone drags the sensor. In payload window of DJI Pilot app you will get a real time depth profile, temperature of the water and other important information.”

Using a DJI M300 drone…