GEPRC CineLog20

GEPRC’s smallest CineWhoop-style FPV drone, the CineLog20, comes with four FPV system options. You can opt for DJI O3 Air Unit, Walksnail Avatar Micro, RunCam Link + WASP, camera, or 600mW 5.8GVTX + Caddx Ratel2. The price is from $200 to $480.

CineWhoop drones, also known as cinematography drones, are a specialized type of FPV drones designed specifically for aerial photography and videography. The GEPRC CineLog20 adopts a pusher design (inverted motors), and it comes with a camera mount that adopts a vibration-dampening structure. It can be equipped with an SMO 4K, Naked GoPro, or other lightweight 4K cameras.


The CineLog20 is among the first 2″ drones equipped with a DJI O3 Air Unit. This digital HD system is designed for professional aerial photography and videography applications, providing users with a high-quality, reliable, and efficient solution for capturing 4K onboard recording. The system is compatible…