FlightOps OS Utilized in First Ever Autonomous, Multi-Drone BVLOS Missions in Urban Area

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Multi-drone operating system FlightOps recently partnered with drone operator FlyTech IL to conduct the first ever multiple drone operations in an urban area.

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As part of an operational trial for the Israeli Police, drones were deployed in Ramla and Lod, two Tel Aviv suburbs with a combined population of 154,000. Two drones served as first responders managed by FlyTech’s Yahav Preiss, the first commercial drone pilot in Israel licensed to operate beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Upon receiving a call of a reported incident, the police headline would forward the address to the drone pilot in the command and control center. The pilot uploaded the address into the FlightOps system and monitored the autonomous drone flight. After flying to the site of the incident, the drone then transmitted the…


Source: dronelife.com