Sunlu T3

The Sunlu Terminator 3 (T3) is an ambitious 3D printer that promises five times faster print speed than most of its contenders. Priced for only $199.99, it comes with 250mm/s high-speed printing, a metal double-gear extruder, and a 16 points auto-leveling system. Our review covers unboxing, assembling, first impressions, and usage recommendations.

We have to admit that most of the budget 3D printers on the market are more or less either a Prusa clone or a Creality clone, the Sunlu T3 not making an exception from this. From the first look, it is evident that it’s an Ender 3 replica on nitro boost. They share the same compact size and 220×220×250 mm build volume. The Sunlu T3 uses a 0.4mm nozzle with a maximum temperature of 260℃ and a maximum bed temp of 100℃.

Sunlu T3: Key features

  • [High-speed printing] Save your time to print more. In Fast Print mode, the T3 works at 250mm/s, five times faster than most consumer 3D printers.
  • [Easy To Assemble,…