Southwest Independent School District students are achieving new heights as a result of the school drone program.

Students in San Antonio can take part in a drone program that prepares them to become commercial drone pilots and get their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 certificate.

The program prepares students for the job by teaching them STEM skills and allowing them to earn credentials in the process.

“There’s the STEM part of it, where they can bring in math and English and other subjects, and they can learn those subjects in a fun way,” Rodolfo Urby, aviation teacher at Southwest High School, said, according to KSAT.

The curriculum that is used at Southwest ISD prepares students to pass the FAA Part 107 commercial drone pilot certification test, which in turn enables them to go out and seek jobs in the Drone Industry.

“It can be either a backup, or I can use my 107 license to actually get a job. And like right here in the drone…