Flytrex gets FAA Approval, Flytrex funding Flytrex gets FAA approval for drone deliveryToday, drone delivery Flytrex has announced that their long-time partner Causey Aviation Unmanned has been granted Part 135 Certification.

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The FAA’s Standard Part 135 Air Carrier Certification is the means that the FAA uses to certify commercial drone delivery services.  The process is adapted from the certification process for small commercial manned aircraft operations, says the FAA:

[Applicants] must use FAA‘s existing Part 135 certification process, some of which FAA has adapted for drone operations by granting exemptions for rules that don’t apply to drones, such as the requirement to carry the flight manuals on board the aircraft.

Perhaps most importantly, Part 135 certification is the only path commercial drone delivery beyond visual line of sight.  The process is rigorous: only four other companies, including Alphabet’s Wing, UPS, Zipline and Amazon Prime Air have been granted a Part 135 Certification.