Walmart said that with 4,700 stores spread across 90% of the US population, it can now offer “drone delivery at scale” because 90% of the US population lives near at least one of its stores.

Over the holidays, Walmart’s drone operation reported significant advancements, completing more than 6,000 deliveries in the US safely by the end of 2022.

Walmart’s delivery drones connect to multiple 5G carriers at once, which makes them far safer and more reliable. Officials at Walmart believe that 5G will play a significant part in this endeavor.

“Our fleet of delivery drones are all 5G capable, and our existing operations are currently using LTE. This is subject to change as 5G networks continue to evolve domestically,” a Walmart representative said.

According to a statement made by a Walmart spokesman, the company’s drone program is managed by DroneUp, a startup that Walmart invested in back in 2021. DroneUp, in turn, obtains its wireless connections through the…