Happymodel Bassline

Featuring a robust carbon fiber true-X Toothpick-style frame with reinforced arms, compact size, and friendly price tag, the new Happymodel Bassline seems to be a great FPV trainer drone for newbies. The design idea was initially born in 2019, inspired by pilot Nathan Loopz.

For beginners, flying an FPV drone for the first time is an exciting but daunting experience since the possibility of crashing their quadcopter is more probable. This is why I recommend do not spend too much for the first quadcopter. The Happymodel Bassline is priced at just US$132.99 at Banggood with a built-in ELRS SPI radio reciever.

Do not let the small size of this FPV quad deceive you because it is quite a performer. It is incredibly light and has powerful motors, making it super agile in the air.

Happymodel Bassline key features 

  • Reinforce Toothpick style carbon fiber frame with a protective canopy;
  • 5-IN-1 AIO flight controller built-in 2.4G…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com