Snowbirds, passionate lovers of warmer climes, and obsessively protective owners of expensive tech rejoice. A Reddit contributor to r/drones has just offered compelling evidence of why it’s ever so wise to stay way out of the cold – this time in the form of a DJI drone-cicle.

Without dragging out this item any longer than necessary, a subreddit post from u/PreparationMedical78 appealed for advice from expert drone users for the best way of defrosting what looks to be a DJI Mini 2 (but who can tell which model it is under so much bristling hairy ice?) under the title “Sooo… my friend forgot his drone outside…” 

Said chum obviously lives some place where Yetis thrive, and is either woefully forgetful, a lousy guardian of belongings, or a secret sadist devising new punishment for sensitive hi-tech arial gear.

Behold what represents the opposite of the cut-to-black version of The Sopranos finale:

As one might expect on a forum populated…