A drone show featuring at least 200 unmanned aircraft, and possibly even more, will take the place of the traditional fireworks display that takes place on the Fourth of July in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

The nonprofit group Luminosity, which was started last year to find an alternative to fireworks, has said that it is in the final stages of talks with a drone company to hold a different kind of party in 2023.

“We sent out a request for proposals and received four or five back. We found a company we really liked, and we’re really happy with their proposal,” explained Mike James, Luminosity’s spokesperson. “So we’ve started negotiating, and we’re expecting the contract to be signed in the next couple of weeks.”

The Ocean Beach Pier is in a state of disrepair, and experts say that it can no longer support the heavy trucks that are required to set up the fireworks for Independence Day.

Drone show is an alternative to fireworks

James suggested that…


Source: dronexl.co