The Papillion Police Department in Nebraska recently established a drone unit, which uses the technology to assist with ongoing investigations. It only takes 60 seconds for the Autel police drone to power up, and before you know it, it is assisting the authorities in their investigation.

“From the time we show up, get our markers out, build the mission, fly it, and pack up. It’s about 30 minutes,” says Officer Travis Rozeboom, who has been with the Papillion Police Department for four years.

He stated that in the past, he has witnessed crash investigations take up to two hours, but now with photogrammetry, the process takes much less time. Using ground control points, they are able to create a map of the area once the drone is in the air.

It Only Takes 60 Seconds To Turn The Drone On And Help With A Police Investigation

“Each of those points was measured on all axes. So, X, Y, and Z. So, horizontal, lateral, as well as elevation,” Rozeboom said.

The Part 107 certified drone pilot makes use of a sizeable remote controller, and…