Is the consumer drone market dying? No, that is not clickbait because it’s actually what it feels like. I just got back from CES 2023, the Consumer Electronics Show, which I’ve actually renamed the Cool Electronics Show because most of the stuff that you see there really isn’t for consumers.

But regardless, the typical grind when you go to a show like this is to show up the day before, and plan out who you want to meet.

Where you want to go, what companies you want to see, and what technology you want to learn about. In my case, as a YouTuber, I try and figure out what I want to film so that I can go during the day, film a bunch of videos, go back to my hotel room, shoot more videos, and upload while I’m there, share all the cool technology with you, especially about drones, because that’s what my channel is about.

Only One Drone Manufacturer at CES 2023

So, when there was only one drone manufacturer at…