So, you’re thinking of buying a drone? Well, getting used drones can actually get you a great deal, but no one likes to get scammed. Let’s walk through how to buy a drone online, what to check, how to verify the flight time, and then all the questions that you should be asking before we even discuss inspecting a drone in person.

Let’s talk about some questions that you should ask yourself about a specific drone model. Is that model still available for sale on the manufacturer’s website, or is the model shown as “end-of-life” and no longer supported?

Before buying used drones, check the seller

If it’s not, then can you still get batteries, new batteries for it? for example, the DJI Inspire 1 is a great platform that is now available for cheap, but finding batteries for it is gonna make it very difficult.

This could also be a very limiting factor if you lose one of the batteries. Buying online sight…