eSUN eBox filament dryer box

When I got the first 3D printer and had only a few meters of demo filament, I didn’t realize the purpose of a filament dryer like the eSUN eBox. Later, when I started to test more and more types and colors of filaments, I ended up with many started spools.

Most 3D printing filaments are highly hygroscopic, fastly absorbing ambient moisture. This is why it is so important to store them properly and dry them before use again. Moreover, even new air-tight factory-packaged consumables are not always ready for use when removed from the bag. Even a tiny amount of moisture in the filament can have an adverse effect on print quality, layer lamination, and mechanical parameters.

Initially, I used a modified food dehydrator to remove excess moisture from the filament. It worked well, but it was not good to print directly from it. Using a dedicated dryer allows the proper elimination of the water in a controlled way, storing the material, and printing on the fly.

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