PowerVision PowerEgg X

I received the PowerEgg X Wizard on Christmas eve. A flying egg is not precisely the Xmas gift you could expect for. Its design makes it more of a kind of Easter surprise. From the beginning of my review, I can tell that the concept itself is great but fails in portability.

The egg-appearance fuselage is the first thing you’ll probably notice about the PowerEgg X. PowerVision had, back in 2017, another bullet-shaped drone but with foldable arms instead of removable ones. The unconventional appearance, however, could be a drag for some customers.

In addition to the standard drone mode, the PowerEgg X’s modular design allows being used on the ground as a handheld stabilized camera or equipped with waterproofing accessories to be used in wet conditions, including landing on water. Waterproof drones are perfect for use in search and rescue operations, as well as for photography and videography in difficult-to-reach places.

Landing on water

Key features

  • Three package…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com