DJI has released a new firmware update for its popular Mavic Air 2 drone. Read on if you’re unable to install the new firmware package.

Mavic Air 2 firmware update error troubleshooting tips

The January 2023 update brings the Mavic Air 2 aircraft firmware version up to, and the RC-N1 remote controller to v04.11.02.00.

DJI says the update is meant to optimize the user experience, and improve the overall stability of the drone software. But, essentially, the new software package also provides a lifeline for the many Air 2 users who found their drones unusable since trying to install the buggy December 2022 firmware update.

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Here’s how you can solve the problem of the update not completing on your Mavic Air 2 drone…

1. Use a Windows computer to download the DJI Upgrade Tool.

2. Turn on the aircraft, but do not turn on the remote control. Wait for about a minute before…