SIM card for drone operations

public domain image, CC0

Operating sUAS on mobile networks is great – but what’s the right SIM card for drone operations?   The Case for IoT SIM cards.

A recent report by Verizon and the FAA indicates that mobile connectivity is a valid and desirable form of control over drones and UAVs. A paper by Ericsson from 2019 explores the topic and addresses the requirements needed to support drone operations.  Drone connectivity experts Elsight agree, in this position paper.

The use of mobile networks for drone C2 is good for the industry, as it does not require a whole new infrastructure.  Commercial drone operators using mobile connectivity for command and control need to ensure they have the right tools to ensure connectivity and make it work, including the right SIM card.

Standard consumer SIM cards are cheaper and have higher connection speeds and lower latency.  Consumer SIM cards also have limitations on data and could be risky for commercial drone ops.  IoT…