Sumeet can feel the cold in his bones. The winter air reminds him of his village in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Posted at a mountainous forward post on the Line of Control, the soldier is on a hawk-like vigil. Nothing can be left to chance in an area prone to infiltration by Pakistan-propped militants.

Among the first recipients of these new-generation tools are the troops facing the Chinese.

India has designed and developed 75 cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-based military products that have been offered for sale to friendly nations.

“[There is a] realisation that over-reliance on Russia and the west for weapons is curtailing India’s capability to manoeuvre in international politics.” ―Prof Kumar Sanjay Singh, Delhi University

A few metres ahead flows a mountain brook that marks the Line of Control―the de facto border between India and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

To the untrained eye, Sumeet’s guardhouse might look the same as…