In partnership with DroneUp, Walmart started its drone delivery service for two locations in Utah. The Walmart stores that now offer items to be delivered by drone are located in Lindon (585 N. State St.) and Herriman (5056 W. 13400 South).

Customers who live within one mile of the stores can have goods flown to their houses for a cost of $3.99, and the retailers will deliver the merchandise directly.

Each store has the capability to process up to 120 drone deliveries every single day. The drones are able to transport items weighing up to 10 pounds (5 kilograms).

Customers who make use of the drone delivery service have access to a list of 10,000 goods that they may choose from when placing an order, such as a bag of chips or toothpaste.

According to Walmart, the things that are flown the most frequently include cookies and cream ice cream, a 2-pound container of lemons, rotisserie chicken, Red Bull, and paper towels.

Part 107 certified pilots operate the drone…