autonomous drones and robots

The last few years have brought labor shortages, supply chain issues, and geopolitical turmoil.  These shifts necessitate major changes in the way that industry thinks about operations: and even the most traditional industries are adopting new technology solutions to become more efficient and more effective.

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Are autonomous drones and robots the workforce of the future?  WiBotic is a major ecosystem player, providing advanced wireless charging for autonomous robots, UAVs, automated storage & retrieval systems, and more.   DRONELIFE speaks with WiBotic’s new VP of Engineering Brian Crowley on what’s helping drive adoption of autonomous drone and robots – and what’s holding them back.

Prior to joining WiBotic, Brian has held key executive-level engineering positions for nearly two decades, as President & CEO at Alithion, Symbio and BSQUARE as well as holding engineering leadership positions at Applied Microsystems and…