It’s a new year, so we are destined to get new drones, gimbals, and cameras from DJI this year. Leaker DealsDrone is back with another calendar showing his guess for what products DJI could release in 2023.

DJI drones for 2023

DealsDrone predicts DJI will release four new drones this year, and boy, I do hope these come true because one is a drone I’ve mentioned I wanted for a while. Below is the list of the drones and the months DealsDrone expects DJI will release them in 2023.

  • Inspire 3 (March)
  • Air 3 (May)
  • Matrice 350T (June)
  • Mavic 3S (July)

Inspire 3

This one has been in the rumor mill for a while now, but if all the murmurs are correct, this is the year. The long-awaited successor of the Inspire 2 is reportedly finishing up development, and DJI is in the process of filming its promo video. You know, those long, epic compilations of clips from around the world? Yeah, those actually have to be made and don’t just get pulled out of a…