Napoleon Bergstrom, GLOBHE Deputy CEO and COO

GLOBHE: Scaling Access to Actionable Drone Data

All images used with permission, courtesy GLOBHE.

Stockholm-based startup GLOBHE was started only 7 years ago – but they have already achieved a place in the Guinness Book of World Records (largest album of drone-collected images) and on the global stage of impact tech companies, those companies addressing major environmental or social issues through the intentional and responsible use of technology.

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“GLOBHE is short for Global Health: that’s what we want to achieve, and that’s what we stand for,” says GLOBHE COO and Deputy CEO, Napoleon Bergstrom.  “We are helping companies by providing something critically important – that’s data.”

Founded in 2015 by industry visionary Helena Samsioe, in 2019 the company made a major move towards scaling access to drone data that can be used for environmental protection, disaster…