As part of their announcements at CES 2023, Sony has introduced a RTK module and additional power options for the Airpeak drone. The new add-ons mark a shift within Sony, recognizing that Airpeak is a powerful drone for inspection services, not just for photography enthusiasts.

While the RTK module is slated for future release, Sony is launching a new battery station this month. Store and manage up to ten batteries in a single case.

Sony Airpeak Battery Station

The LBN-H1 Airpeak battery station stores up to ten batteries. It can charge up to eight of those batteries, and handles four at a time. There are also multiple remote control charging cables, and a few accessory ports.

There are multiple charging modes available as well,. The Quick Charge will bump your batteries from 20% to 90% in about 30 minutes, while the Full Charge mode runs about 55 minutes to go from 0% up to 100%.

In all, the battery station should be enough to keep your Airpeak drone in the sky indefinitely,…